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by gigi on August 1, 2007

I went with Lawson and Victoria to Fuel Restaurant the other day. Located in Kits, it is a funky space with an open kitchen concept so you can pretty much see everything that is going on in the kitchen. That makes it harder to hide stuff from the patrons, right? :)

We were first served some bread, which came on a slab of granite was served with butter and salt.


The three of us were served different amuse-bouches prior to eating the dishes we ordered. I had a cold fresh watercress soup. It tasted light and refreshing and was a nice start to my evening meal.

fuel watercress soup

Lawson had some deep fried squid served on a bed of cucumber salad. There didn’t seem to be anything special about this.
fuel calamari

Victoria had what was probably the best one of the three. She had lightly grilled halibut served with mango. Her dish was also light and refreshing.

fuel tuna

On to the main courses. I had rainbow trout with dandelion greens, sidestripe shimp ravioli, hazelnuts, and creme fraiche. I found the trout skin to be too salty and the entire dish itself was too heavy and rich for my taste. I had never had dandelion greens before though and it had a slightly bitter taste to it. The texture was similar to the leaves in swiss chards.

fuel trout

Lawson had the poached pork loin, which was served with schnitzel, roasted artichokes, and caramelized mustard. The fried schnitzel actually appeared to be the main focal point in this dish and you could barely even notice the 3 small pieces of pork loin on top. Lawson also found his dish to be quite heavy and rich.

fuel pork

Victoria had the lamb leg with bulgar, mint, sumac, and caramelized yoghurt. Lucky Victoria also probably had the best main course of the evening. :) The lamb was nice and tender and the bulgar and mint went well with the dish. It was Victoria’s first time trying bulgar and she compared the taste and texture to cous cous.

fuel lamb

Since both our main courses were rather heavy, Lawson and I tried to choose something lighter for dessert. I chose the chocolate mousse because I figured it would be light and airy. However, my chocolate mousse turned out to be heavy and rich…more like a torte. It also came with some dabs of peanut butter, which I felt didn’t go too much with the “mousse”.

fuel chocolate mousse

Lawson settled on a cherry tart, which came with a kriek beer sorbet. It was generously layered with fresh cherries on top.

fuel tart

Victoria had a vanilla creme brulee with fresh berries. The serving was pretty large and came with a fresh berry paste on the side that you could dip the creme brulee in.

fuel creme brulee

The service at Fuel was prompt and friendly. I’m not sure if the heavy and rich food was typical of what they normally served or if it was because it is still a fairly new restaurant. I also found the desserts, which were $10 each, a little overpriced for what was offered. I will probably wait a bit before coming back here again.

1944 W. 4th Ave, Vancouver
Tel: 604-288-7905

Food: [rating:2]
Service: [rating:4]
Price: $$$

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