Review: Noodles at Lao Shan Dong

by gigi on July 10, 2007

I went to Lao Shan Dong noodle house the other day with Mabel. It’s located at 4887 Kingsway in Burnaby, right across the street from Metrotown. I’ve been here a few times for lunch now and the place always fills up quickly. To be seated right away, I would recommend getting there before the lunch rush. Their specialty is the delicious taiwanese beef noodle soup.

lao shan dong

The first thing we noticed was the colourful array of Taiwanese appies, including the pickled cucumber, marinated pork ears & intestines, bean curd noodles, and peanuts. We didn’t end up ordering any of these but they looked so tasty, I couldn’t help taking a picture of them.

lao shan dong appies

Mabel and I both decided to go with the beef noodle soup. You have a choice of getting the spicy or non-spicy version. The small size is about $6.50 and the large size is about $1 more. Unless you are very hungry, the small size is more than enough. One thing I like about the beef noodle soup here over the other places is that it is not as greasy and you can drink the soup without having your throat clogged up with a coat of oil. :)

lao shan dong

The best thing about getting a smaller sized noodle soup is that you have some stomach space freed up to try another dish. We shared a small dish of 10 pork & veggie dumplings for $4.95.

lao shan dong

Our total bill was under $20 and worth every penny. Defnitely worth a re-visit….I think I will try the assorted Taiwanese appies next time. :)

105-4887 Kingsway, Burnaby
Tel: 604-439-9588

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