Review: So Fresh at De Fresh Bakery

by gigi on July 9, 2007

It was my grandma’s birthday over the weekend and part of the celebration included cake from De Fresh bakery in Richmond. It’s a chain of Chinese bakeries with locations including Crystal Mall (Burnaby), the plaza with Hon’s in Richmond on No. 3 Road, and President’s Plaza in Richmond.

de fresh bakery

They have an assortment of Chinese baked items including BBQ pork buns, egg tarts, cookies, curry buns, and of course, cakes. Because there were so many people over for my grandma’s birthday, we ordered 2 cakes: a chestnut cake and a fresh mango cake. Yum!

Let’s start first with the chestnut cake. The filling for this cake is freshly roasted chestnut paste. It’s not as sweet as most of the cakes you have probably tried before but the roasted chestnut is very flavourful and is a nice, light finish to any meal.

de fresh chestnut cake

The fresh mango cake is one of my favourite Chinese bakery cakes. If you are a mango fan, this is definitely the cake for you. The outside is layered with thinly sliced mango…I’ve always wondered how they are able to do this. And the inside has chunks of fresh mango layered with light sponge cake.

de fresh mango cake

The 2 cakes were great and we polished them off in no time. I’m not sure exactly how much the cakes cost, but they are likely around $25-30 for an 8″ cake. These two cakes were more than enough to fill 15 of us for dessert with some leftover to eat for breakfast the next day. :p

de fresh

8181 Cambie Rd, Richmond
Tel: 604-273-1323

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