Review: Congee Noodle King

by gigi on July 2, 2007

I went to Congee Noodle King the other day, which is located at corner of Kingsway & Joyce. I believe it is somehow related to Congee Noodle House (located at E. Broadway and Main) because the signs and menus look almost exactly the same.

The food served here is what I like to call basic Chinese “staples” such as congee (Chinese rice porridge), fried rice & noodles, and Chinese BBQ items. The interior is spacious and sparsely furnished but clean. You can eat a full lunch for $4.50-$7.50.

My favourite lunch item here lately has been the roast pork and BBQ pork on top of rice. It cost $6.50 and I was more than full afterwards. If you are trying to be healthy, you can ask for the lean BBQ pork but it is always tastier with a little fat. 😉 I also like to dip the my roast pork (and its crispy skin!) in some hoisin sauce (pictured on the right).

bbq pork and roast pork

Christine ordered the roast duck with rice and because it came with only one Chinese BBQ item, it cost only $5. It came with some plum sauce on the side and went very well with the duck.

roast duck

The total bill for us after tax and tips came to under $15. It’s a fantastic deal and the extensive menu means that you will have to make many visits before you will have tried everything they have to offer. The next time I go to Congee Noodle King, I will review some of the other items on their menu. :)

3313 Kingsway, Vancouver
Tel: 604-435-6670

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Review: Congee Noodle King
September 30, 2007 at 11:06 pm

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