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July 2007

Well, we don’t exactly have the secret White Spot Triple-O sauce recipe – but there are many theories about what makes that absolutely legendary taste. We’ve scoured the Internet, talked with theorists, and got information from informants and believe we have some good theories of what it is made of. In case you don’t know […]


Review: Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe

by gigi on July 29, 2007

My family went to Shiru-Bay Chopstick Cafe in Yaletown last week to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Shiru-Bay is a Japanese izakaya restaurant that serves interesting twists to many Japanese-inspired dishes. The environment is funky and you are greeted as soon as you walk through the door by a chorus of friendly staff. First, we ordered […]


Review: Taiwan Beef Noodle House

by gigi on July 26, 2007

gigi’s note: Taiwan Beef Noodle House has now been renamed to Wang’s Beef Noodle House —————————————————————- I went to the Taiwan Beef Noodle House last week at 8390 Granville St. I had always driven past this place and noted the busy parking lot but had never actually ventured in. When Andrea suggested that we meet […]


Review: Pittsburgh Cafe

by gigi on July 24, 2007

I went with John and Louis today to the Pittsburgh Cafe at Crystal Mall in Burnaby. It is actually spelled “Pittsburg” but I am a stickler for spelling so I refuse to spell something wrong on purpose, even if it was spelled incorrectly on a sign. It is a Hong Kong-style cafe that serves a […]


Review: Chili Pepper House

by gigi on July 23, 2007

A bunch of us went to the Chili Pepper House at 3003 Kingsway in Vancouver for Gene’s birthday. This is one of a few Chinese-Indian restaurants in the area…another notable one is the Green Lettuce just down the street on Kingsway. The owners of this restaurant are Chinese and grew up in India, which means […]


Review: Guu’d Eats at Guu with Garlic

by gigi on July 23, 2007

Mabel took me out for dinner at Guu with Garlic at 1698 Robson Street the other day. It is one of the three Guu restaurants in downtown Vancouver. Guu with Garlic is one of many izakaya restaurants that are found in the Vancouver area. For those of you who have never been to an izakaya […]